Serien Blad/Leaves består av collage av rostfärgat handvävt linne och bomullstyg med akryltryck. Samtliga är maskinkviltade och har mått 30 cm x 48 cm

Blad # 1

Jag har försökt att fånga känslan av en sen septemberdag, solen på de falnade löven men också den tidiga frosten.

Blad # 2
Blad 3
September, 30 cm x 30 cm bidrag till SAQA Benefit Auction 2022 (78)
At the Border

We must never forget the tragedy with closed borders and separated families! My work shows children standing in front of the border, protecting and caring for each other. They count days and months waiting for a new and hopefully better life. Some have their personal papers, other none. In the distance we can see the shadow of people who have passed the border in to the future.

In 2020 juried into SAQA Europe and Middle East Exhibition – Wide Horizons VII

At the Border

Handfärgade tyger, råkantsapplikation, screentryck, handbroderi. Maskinkviltning. 70 cm x 76 cm

30 x 30 x 3,5 cm

Oak is a very characteristic tree and it has been worshipped and holy in Europe for centuries, oak leaves are still regarded as Badges of Honour. When I grew up my family lived in a house built on a slope of oaks and oak has always been a worshipped tree for me. Where I live today these trees are infrequently seen and when I find an acorn I love to put it in a tiny vase to see it grow. My acorn is a voice from the past to the present, growing in a transparent vase with a backing symbolizing timber.

Acorn is juried into SAQA Virtual Gallery – Plurality of Voices

Materials: Pieced strips of cotton, linen, silk. Machine stiched raw edge appliqués made from synthetic organza, homedyed silk and damask. Hand embroidery, machine quilted. Cotton batting, synthetic backing. Mounted on canvas.

No title

No title ingår i SAQA Studio Art Quilt Associates Virtual Gallery – No Limits. Akryltryck och bläckstråleutskrift på bomullstyg och silkefibrer. Handbroderi och maskinkviltning. Monterad på canvas 30 cm x 30 cm x 3,5 cm.