Vera Holmgren, Art Quilt

Storvretabo sedan 1972 och bör­jade skapa i Art Quilt-teknik 2011, en kombination av både traditionella och moderna kvilttekniker. Mina tyger är ofta handfärgade, ibland dekorerade med akryltryck eller applikation, stygnsatta och maskinkviltade.

Family Secrets, 70 cm x 74 cm
Family Secrets

Every family carries a story built from heredity and legends. What secrets will you find if you scratch the surface and dig into your own family story?

Family Secrets is juried into SAQA Europe & Middle East Wide Horizons VIII exhibition, premiere this September at the European Patchwork Meeting (Carrefour du Patchwork) in St Marie aux Mines, Alsace, France, and then tour.

Materials: Cotton, silk- and synthetic organza, tulle. Cotton/polyester batting, cotton backing. Rayon and cotton thrad.

Techniques: Fused fabrics made of homedyed or commercial cotton. Layers of inkjet printed cotton, homedyed silk organza, synthetic organza and tulle. Machine quilted, burnt and sliced surface. Printed appliqué

Family Secrets, detaljbild

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